Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Art Resume

Here is my resume - click on image to enlarge.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Men's Department of Urban Outfitters -Levi's Wall


Top 2 rows

These are pictures of the mens department, I worked with the dispaly team to make the levis wall and racks.

Bottom row ( from left to right)

I painted the previously white wall grey to give the shoes more contrast.

I built this box out of palette slates and 3/4 in wood. It is a pedestal for mannequins.

I set up these and other lights at staggering levels.

Urban Outfitters Continued...

Top Row.

The Impossible Project- Polaroid

Bryan Cantwell & I built this in less than a day. It has a trough for holding the film. Compartments for cameras, 2 Windows that display life sized fake poloraids. And as well as the larger 3 polaroids that are attached by hanging chains that don't swing and are double sided.


Staggering lanterns to be aesthetically pleasing.

Below Right.

I rewired this chandelier. I used to work in a lamp repair shop in highschool. Then hanged the chandelier from the ceiling using airplane cable for extra support.

Bottom left

We put in all these white and tan alternating slates at the bottom of the display and then I lined them up to exactly run along the wall & connect to the side of these compartments that hold jeans.

below that is just arbitrary photos of palette slates to fill the rest of the page to make the page look cool etc...

Film Project -Nike 6.0 BMX

The Project was to make the title sequence for Nike's latest BMX video " Writing On The Wall"

These photos show the Font I made using ripped painters tape and and a power jig saw. I made an interchangeable alphabet that could be used to spell out the title as well as the 4 riders names. After I cut out the letters I photographed different areas of the city and a carnival. these photographs were printed and collaged onto the letters. Then the letters were temporarily fixed to city walls and filmed in a dynamic fashon

here is a 3 minute segment. The title is in the first minute of the film.


These sculptures I made have 2 purposes one as art and the other is for animation.

They are made of old cigar boxes, found objects, and painted Balsa wood. The legs will soon be adjustable with ball & socket joints so that they can be used for a stop animation.

Selected Artwork

Top of page:

Example of how I hang my artwork, usually in clusters. BUT, similar sized objects are usually hung in grids.


Examples of art

can also got to to see the rest of my artwork.

*** click on HERE to look at more Art!***

The Together Gallery

This is where I was an intern at in Portland OR.

We also built the display racks out of recycled wood and windows.

sorry this was the only photo I had.

Animation / Film

This is an animation storyboard mock up for a radiohead video contest. We didn't win but it got 4 stars and was viewed 3.2 thousand times in a few weeks.

Here is the actual animatic ( it's a really rough mock up of the final animation ) If you have the time there are some really great parts that are actually quite finished.

***TOM &
SHIRAK'S RADIOHEAD ANIMATION ***( rough draft ) click on HERE to watch!

Also " Little Atomic Bomb " another animation I worked was published twice in Stash Video Animation Magazine in their monthly DVD( 2007) and a Best of Short Films( 2009).

here is the animation:

A short Super 8mm film I shot and edited this summer. Filmed during or cross country drive from Portland to NYC.