Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Urban Outfitters Continued...

Top Row.

The Impossible Project- Polaroid

Bryan Cantwell & I built this in less than a day. It has a trough for holding the film. Compartments for cameras, 2 Windows that display life sized fake poloraids. And as well as the larger 3 polaroids that are attached by hanging chains that don't swing and are double sided.


Staggering lanterns to be aesthetically pleasing.

Below Right.

I rewired this chandelier. I used to work in a lamp repair shop in highschool. Then hanged the chandelier from the ceiling using airplane cable for extra support.

Bottom left

We put in all these white and tan alternating slates at the bottom of the display and then I lined them up to exactly run along the wall & connect to the side of these compartments that hold jeans.

below that is just arbitrary photos of palette slates to fill the rest of the page to make the page look cool etc...

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